Cleaning the chain is just part of the job!

there's more to it than just cleaning the chain!

How we can help

Our experience with working on bicycles goes back to our early childhood.  Having grown-up on bikes, we learned early how to maintain bicycles and almost all of their components.   If there's anything we can't handle on our own, we outsource to one of the best mechanics in the southwest.  No upcharge, no fuss.  Simply make an appointment and bring us your bike.  We'll do the job while you wait.


Basic Bike Clean-Up

In a hurry or don't need more detailed cleaning?  No problem!  Our Basic Bike Clean-Up is just what you need.  It includes a thorough wash, dry and waxing of the bike,  a general chain cleaning and an overall visual inspection of the bike.  

Advanced Bike Clean-Up

This service includes all of the Basic Bike Clean-Up details plus a thorough cleaning of the chain and the drivetrain components.

Top Shelf Bike Clean-Up

This executive service includes all of the Basic and Advanced Bike Clean-Up details plus a detailed cleaning of the entire drivetrain.  This includes removing, cleaning and reinstalling key components of the bike like the cassette, wheels, brake pads and bottle cages.

Learn how to work on your own bike!

Take one of our exclusive Bike Maintenance Clinics and learn how to work on your own bike.  Save time and money by doing most things yourself!  Our Clinics are held throughout the year.   Just tap the action button (below).  This will open a new page to all activities presented by Athletic Volition LLC, our parent company.  

Any issues with registration?  Just drop us a line.  We'll help.